Voice of My Tears

Two phases of love, crying with happiness and crying for sorrow.

I show the immerse love for you in each phase of love,

when you smile i am beautiful as dove,

when you cry i am still beautiful but as  black clouds.

I come with a soft touch in your eyes,

leave red marks when i was about to dry.

these phases show how much i love you.

happiness or crying my existence will be in your eyes.

I fill you with strength when i go dry, after you cried.

I fill you with tremendous happiness when i go dry, after you just smiled. 🙂

I am a full pack filled with,

sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness.

i can describe the reason for your cry,

if i fall from right you are happy and delight, eye

and fall from left you are sad and sorrow from depth. eye

The reason for my fall don’t show your weakness, not your failure,

It shows your love for me and how much you miss me.

I am your few drops of tears, happy and always their.





Words Of My Soul

The flowers of happiness is blooming inside,

Fragrance of efflorescence is flowing as tides,

Today i am born.

The love from nature, the creation of god,

the beauty in human nature i taught.

like a dove on a mountain peak,

pure like crystal cant suffice.

my love for your emotions, feeling you can’t define.

Living deep inside silent till you don’t require.

My voice will always inspire lead your life of desire.

Crying or having deep sorrow all  will diminish,

Till you don’t smile i will try.

if you do cry, i will make you strong you don’t need to worry.

the things that don’t add you success, make you strong.

If you stuck somewhere all paths are covered with dark desires,

ask me,

I will lead you define you a path, give you a light to follow.

I am your strongest power, armour, you inner soul you desire.





Feeling Alone?

Why feeling alone when i am here!

Feel like you have new feeling to share,

share the strength, share the love in you, you admire.

You are the one who is always taken care,

when you were crying or drowning deep in desire.

you are the one who was born to change the world, born to known the world.

be who you are discover the self in you, share when you want to share.

I will be always their.

The love i have for you, nothing can compare.

You share the thoughts of your when you just learn smile, cry and fear.

I know you all, nothing is their to describe myself to you.

why feeling alone when i am here. Your Soul.

Always will always here.



I am 23! and blank?

I am 23! and blank? I am 23 years old and i really don’t know what to do with my life. I am a B.Tech holder in CSE, still cant follow the path of coding and take my life as a developer. I am blank. I don’t know what to do with my life really don’t. Initially i was very interested to code and did a lot in my collage life and did one job as some sort of coder. But that things is not adding up in my life, that life always gives me a feeling of emptiness, makes me feel bad for myself when i think about it.

I love a lot of things almost everything. I loved to do new new things but i finally ended of getting bored. I ended up not knowing what to do in life. I stated this blog today because i think this is the best of what i know is “writing”. I want to fill these things with some words in the form of happiness sorrow and everything that i can include. Hope i don’t ended up diminishing this also. I am 23! and stared blogging. smile