Just Make Me Shine Please!!!

Sine just shine, my luck.

Enough with the bad and me get f****d

My coins are even turn bronze.

Heads or tails ? I guess, coin turn lost or stand straight on my face.

This is my bad luck.
It’s enough to tolerate, the bad sight on my life.

People look at me like I am a torn page

A torn page have values but people seems less bothered and are in rage.

And me at the corner feeling dead instead.


My life see me like a disgrace,

My time see me like a time waste ,

Things are far seems restless,

Afraid of me, I may turn them waste.


Running from the luck,

Running from being shot dead.

How much I will run !

How much I will tolerate .

The thing that is really eating me inside is my own head.


I want to win myself first,

I don’t care luck that is bad as f**k

I know myself from birth,

I know myself from life.

I know who I am and I am born equal.

‎I will accept myself first than I will win the rest.


Believe!!!!! You are the Best!


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