All i have for you

Where is the time when i want to know more about you,

snatching the time from lord i am sharing with you.


I wont let you go, take my life in replace of you,

this much i love you.

The time i need to show my love for you,

Is all the time i needed to be kept alive,

After that i no longer need to survive.


I want to open my eyes looking at you,

before closing i just want to stare at you.

If a drop of tears rolling down my eyes

Remember it is just to keep the smile on you.

I want to be live when i am allowed to survive with you.


My heart beats are named after you,

Every time its beats it try to give a little more life in you.

I just want to spend my life loving you.

If i die before that keep my name on your heart because i will stay always with you.



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