Remember Me!

When i was gone, feeling so lone,

i was not having any other options to follow on.

Leaving my family, my friends behind,

i have to move on.


I wish i can make another day for them,

spend a few more months with them,

i wanted to see them more and more, again and again.

But now situation is leading my path, i have to follow on.


I am not going alone, I am keeping them in my heart,

i filled myself with the tear of their eyes.

I am completed now, i can go and live the chosen life.


Still it taking my heart out,

watching things getting separated from my love life,

my family and my little life.


I fall on the ground, got shot by bullet straight in my heart,

Tear are rolling down from eyes, i know i don’t have so much time.

Just want to say i love you alot.

I died when i went to save my country form the bad sight.

I am a proud solder of my country,

still the pain in me is not letting my feeling out,

i wish i just can see my family and my life’s.

Give Respect To solders because they do what you can’t do in your entire life.




Categories: Army, Life

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