I want to born again!

Thinking about the old times, I had that bright smiles.

Lurking around my beautiful times.

Sharing my time with the beauty inside,

i was happy in past time,

When I small and remain shielded and covered with my mom, dad’s love.


Time has changed now, i grow a little old now,

working for living, food and time.

Happiness is there but, I don’t feel mine.

Things are always such a nightmare.

Do anything it will be just a synthetic time,

where happiness you will find, but don’t hold on, it will  be gone anytime.


Things don’t remain same every-time, life changes and I become more old in times.

I become old and everything seems slow to my life,

I wanted to be happy always but things are always were changing my mind.

I am now old and wish to die soon, to free my soul,

and born again and live happy life.


Categories: born, death, Life


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