I am a little child.

I am a little child.

I was the only child of my family, i born in a little family,

in a dark hospital in our colony.

I was happy to be born in this family,

Cute mother and hunk dad,


the day before i was born celebration was going on,

and i was so happy inside, i was going to see the new world,

but, as i born everything, every happiness was gone,

happiness changes to remorse why?

Everything stopped,

my mom was happy and crying,

my dad was furious and crying,

i don’t know why?

i was going to go home today,

as i got out from the hospital

i was thrown in the dustbin beside,


i started crying, my mom dad didn’t listen my pain and screaming inside,

i was thrown,

i don’t know why?

No one seen me, i was continuously crying,

searching for my mom, dad all around.

then sudden i listen shouting around,

saying there is a thrown baby inside,

was i abandoned?

i got my new mom and dad after ward,

they loved me with everything i needed,

i grow up and found i was a girl child,

Thats why i was thrown inside.


This gives me pain as i think about, people are becoming heartless now.


Author: fillingwords

Smile on faces, Fillingwords is a beautiful journey with all the people around the world with a sole motive is to fight against all the emotional pain, mental pain, depression and tensions. Fillingwords help and support all the people to fight against all the mental and emotional pain even when you are unaware. Unaware of becoming a victim of these pains. We don't need anything in return, we seek support and a permenant friendship bond from the people of this world.

Share your love, pain & emotions with us!

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