I was waiting on the silver line,

wishing you would meet and and we both will have wine.

The beauty in you, i compare with moon light,

with the peace you surround me, the time you spend with me,

form like twinkling stars with hearts, in my mind.


I started day dreaming after every few second of the time,

I am intoxicated with the love of your, on the silver line.

you drenched so much love on me, i am drowning.

can stop breathing, you presence gives me life.


I am flying from miles, searching for the scent,

the scent which you spread everywhere you went.


I am like a humming bird following you so mad, even i can fly backward.

This is not normal in me, i am addicted to you, my love.

I am mad , physo  that’s way mine is greater than ever my dove.

I love to the maddest and live with you till the edge.

this love is greatest.


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