Little more!

A way of life, thought your work,

working thought the time, day to night,

i wish my day are covered with the time i rest in night.

Being busy is the best way to life,

no words, no time for anyone my life.

i was just busy in my life,

i love everyone but loving won’t feed my son,

i have to work and reach the goal where i can prove and live a life i dreamed.


Success is easy to get, but the handwork and dedication, behind that path is tough. Actually not tough, it is all about the dedication and time routine needed for achieving that success. Keep working on everything, the thing you needed to achieve in that path. See the main thing is, all people say that work hard, but go beyond that see your self what you need just one thing, a initial point and a destination to reach(dedication). What happen when you go for a exam you reach before time, that is dedication to give exam you pass or fail doesn’t matter.

See the line below: It is success.

D  ———————>————————–>——————   D



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