Being Single :-|

Strangers to friendship, journey to commit,
From initial to the end, have to count every second..
Looking for a prefect partner. Eyes rolling everywhere,
Situations were distress, i was surrounded by people having hands in hand, walking through the stairs.

I never found someone anywhere.

I was walking the roads alone all the time, wanted to have someone by my side.
I didn’t realized the things are so tough being alone for those times.
Have to eat, sleep, live alone all the time.

i was in the verge of crying, why there no mercy on my life,

Just always walking and walking in empty roads,

people didn’t bother because i was big bore.

but this was not the truth, try to know me,

i am be the best in myself.

But Still,

everything i have, but need a soul to surround my side,

May be this is called ” Being Single”.



Categories: Alone, Life, love

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