Words with Love

I have millions way to run, run back , run front,
Run any where I want.
This breath in me, is making my time running with mine.
I am leading my way to the happiness , that I dreamed .
I just want to write the way I want , the way I feel.
I have waited here for so long,
Thinking about sometimes.
Living about some moments , I want to lead the way I want.
Is this so much, I asked?
I just want to write through my heart, my thoughts.
I just want to continue, the happinesses is booming inside.
I am not losing anything or anyone,
I am simply trying to create a life with my words.
Some days, my thoughts goes back in time, take me to the past,
but things are changed through your love.
This is a beautiful time, I wanted this to last.
My words and your soul, are the things that I always loved.

I can always think of you no matter what, sometimes my words, sometimes the why i talk.



Categories: Life, love

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