World is so wide, so many birds in the sky,

flying, flying and flying,

and we are hunting them down.

To taste, how they are created.

The world is so wide, animals were filled in the past time.

Now we are selling them for food, for good and much more.

why there is need to hunt tigers and lions?

where there is need to poke and kill the peaceful whale?
where there is need to taste the whole world.

Even a flower is beautiful when it is attached to its plant.

Not in your hands.

why people are killing everything and detaching to the earth land?

selling, killing, selling killing becomes rhythmic rhyme.

we best known, animal with minds.

even animals don’t hunt everything down.

Thing is, we are mind less creatures, we know best, how to big our own diet.

Living is nature is the biggest mistake we are doing,

soon nature will be hunting us down, before we can bleed for our mistakes.

Its our turn now be prepared for the darkest life.




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