I share a bond with you, I live where you slay your deepest sorrows,
the time I need for you is still, never more and there is no tomorrow.
I live under your skin, not for pain but to fulfill the spaced you made .
My sensation gives you goosebumps,
My presence make you feel the love again.
I give a reason to live one more day.
Your feeling of getting stared or the presence of someone , is all me who loves to graze all the time.
My warmth, makes you stronger, the presence of me make you work harder.

The life you lead , I wanted to be the part ,
But situation lead us far apart.
Still, I am living in you, being there for you , not praying you, I am Just as parasite living in you,
Not feeding on you, just want to grow with you. and live a life i missed to spend with you.



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