Smile Please!

Borned in a small family as star.
Started to know this world.
Every second smile and smiles,
Listed a few more things to do apart from smiles.
Care for family and happiness for ever .

I was unknown from the rules of this world.
that,i  have to chase some other stars,
Asking definition for being born in this world.
I started crawling and talking fast. I Learned fast

I didn’t know I was building some hopes,to everyone’s eyes,
that I have be a hot star in the middle of these world.
My smile got dried a little with these words.
But i still continued to smile and do a little work, includes studies and playing. that is all. 🙂

Again, i have to hear this all, you have to be this, that and all.

My smile got a little dried up again.

Still i continue and manage to work and smile.

but my work now is divided into two earn money and earn fame.

i was not this , why i have to follow other lane.

But pressure leads me, made me do things in which, I was not in sane.

my smile got dried again but this time i am not able to manage again.

i have to work, I have to earn fame.

I was not this from this beginning,

now everyone asks me why i have no smile and happiness on my face.

Is this a joke, you all are playing around me?

when i smiled before you lead me to the numb door.

Now you are asking me this, don’t expect a sane answer for this.

I just wanted happiness what else, but you took from me like it was not mine before.

The only thing remains after i gone, are some bones and some things which have no souls.



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