A Warning!

The present of me if not happy, scratching me deep inside,

giving me some harsh signs, get changed.

When i fall asleep, it comes to me,

holding a mirror in his hands, showing me my future and dreams i had,

i try to fight back but the inner of me is stronger than me.

he shows what i was and what i am now.

the difference is clear still, i am in denial.

It shows, the changes in me the way i was happy and feeling free,

and now i am covered, lifting the floor of burdens on my back.

This is just not enough, its surrounds me, warn me, keep continuing its warnings.

I am tied with my responsibilities, i tied with the fact i have to feed myself.

I am stuck somewhere i want to get out, but the reason to live is making myself in doubt.

Can i survive ?

I can fight ?

Can i get out of these sadness and times, i want to be happy, i want to live the life i dream ,not just in my dreams,

Don’t want to get haunted by them, when i turn old and thinking i wish i could have change.






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