The time i have for you.

The time i have for you,

is all the time when i am alive!

The time I invest, is everything that i want to do.

The reason for me to came in this world is to serve you.

For you i have mistaken all,

For you, i can fight with this world,

you are the reason to breath,

you are the reason life is in me.

All the time, all the space is for you.

All i am consist of, is because of you,

Sometimes in me, sometimes with you.

Before you picked me from million, i was having no home.

no heart, no breath, nothing to follow to lead.

I was buried somewhere before, i was just a soul.

Nothing but dust in air, i was the dust, flying everywhere.

you brought me to this beautiful world.

You’r the god for me, Unconditional love and care you spread on me.

My mother i am always there for you. I LOVE YOU.


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