Train Me Hard!!

Train Me Hard

Train me hard!!!! till i am breathing!! train me!!!!!

hit me hard when i am dreaming,

make me feel my veins when i think ” take rest”.

kick me when i am resting,


keep the sprite alive in me,

don’t make me plea, i just want to bleed.

strength the soul to be, win the race in me.

I keep breathing, my heart keep beating,

train me, hit me make me listen how my heat is beating when i am bleeding.

make me say ” i can conquer the world”.

i make my self with every step i make,

i conquer the world with every breadth i take.

I am ME, and nothing can beat or conquer me.

Stop it (negativity), keep moving, hit yourself when needed, make yourself bleed when required, train so much hard no can stop you, Just keep moving and Just Remember “ME”.






Author: fillingwords

Smile on faces, Fillingwords is a beautiful journey with all the people around the world with a sole motive is to fight against all the emotional pain, mental pain, depression and tensions. Fillingwords help and support all the people to fight against all the mental and emotional pain even when you are unaware. Unaware of becoming a victim of these pains. We don't need anything in return, we seek support and a permenant friendship bond from the people of this world.

Share your love, pain & emotions with us!

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