I am 23! and blank?

I am 23! and blank? I am 23 years old and i really don’t know what to do with my life. I am a B.Tech holder in CSE, still cant follow the path of coding and take my life as a developer. I am blank. I don’t know what to do with my life really don’t. Initially i was very interested to code and did a lot in my collage life and did one job as some sort of coder. But that things is not adding up in my life, that life always gives me a feeling of emptiness, makes me feel bad for myself when i think about it.

I love a lot of things almost everything. I loved to do new new things but i finally ended of getting bored. I ended up not knowing what to do in life. I stated this blog today because i think this is the best of what i know is “writing”. I want to fill these things with some words in the form of happiness sorrow and everything that i can include. Hope i don’t ended up diminishing this also. I am 23! and stared blogging. smile




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