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DEPRESSION The crier of sadness, the moments of self pain, the time of realisation, that you are worth nothing but a just a game. You are being sad, you are being in sorrow, time and time it is poking you, not letting you live the way you want, the time you realise, it too late to take a step against […]

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Fake life! 😶

Life was ment to be alive, Living the moments, wishing to fullfill the chimes, A little time with life still feeding the needs of deeds, We were born like small seeds, To create a world full of beauties and fulfilling happiness indeed. Life tooks a sudden curve, doing cornering, Hating human being but why I am wondering. Almost the entire […]

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Light up the life!

Light up the life like a bright sun in dark night, light up the sky with your eyes like stars shining bright. lift yourself up, go cross your boundaries and limits, its time to full fill your dreams and things you want to filled with. A life, one time, no more chance to live by, take care of every second […]

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A little note!

A little note,carried away by a boat,small as an ant, big as an planet, and deep as floating on undiscovered ocean,a little note to self. A little note describing yourself,a little note adding a value to oneself,hitting the walls, breaking the threads to avail own-self.just a little note to change the way you look at yourself. Being the person of […]

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